About Us

Artisan chocolates made with only the finest local, natural, and organic ingredients.

"At Bittersweet Chocolates we strive to provide a sustainable and ethical chocolate business that supports our local community and produces affordable artisan chocolates made with only the finest local, natural, and organic ingredients and the highest quality fair and direct trade chocolate of single origin whenever possible."

We founded Bittersweet Chocolates in 2016 as a way to offer a specific culinary vision to the South Sound. Five years later, our artisan chocolate shop brings fresh, old-world elegance and delightful confectionery to the South Puget Sound, our lifelong home.

While we’re inspired by the culinary traditions common in regions like Belgium and the east coast of the US, we know that fine, artisan chocolate is still a luxury few have access to. We aim to make sure our confections and even our skills as chocolatiers are available to everyone.

We are excited about our new location at 203 Columbia St NW, in downtown Olympia.

We now have more room to teach the classes we’ve wanted to teach for a long time, and hope to host events in the future!

The challenges of COVID over the last couple of years have been difficult. But, thanks to all of the community support we have received we have survived.

Thank you for supporting us and loving our chocolates!

- Deb & Cindy, Bittersweet Chocolate Owners & Chocolatiers